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Day 50: Cochrane, ON 0 km - Rest Day; Bearly anything to do today

On our rest day, we visited the Polar Bear Habitat.

What incredible animals. This habitat is looking after three male bears:

1-GANUK, which means "snowflake" in the Inuktitut language, was born in captivity in 2009 at the Zoo Sauvage, Quebec. He weighs between 900-1100 lbs. His favourite food in the summer is watermelon.

2-HENRY was born in 2013 at Sea World Gold Coast, Australia. Henry is still considered a young cub and while he is only 640 lbs, he is expected to grow to be over 1000 lbs. He is a very exuberant bear and tries to engage Ganuk in play fights (which is observed). He is also a big fan of watermelon.

3-INUKSHUK was born in Northern Ontario and was rescued when he was 4 months old in Fort Severn after his mother was shot. He weighs around 900-1200 lbs. He is the only bear they have had that likes beaver. He is highly intelligent and enjoys complicated enrichments and training.

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