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Day 59: Saint-Jerome to Repentigny, QC 36 km - Motel Living

Most nights, we are sleeping in a new place. We have stayed in everything from B&Bs, fishing and hunting cabins and with friends and family, but our most common accommodation is the roadside motel.

Across the country, we have met some incredibly hard-working motel owners, many of them immigrants to Canada.

We often roll into the parking lots on our bikes to be met by other patrons: everyone from the road crews, Hell's Angels bikers, or circus carnies. Many families find these motels a good economic way to travel, as do we.

We love the convenience of pulling up next to our room and unloading all our stuff - and do we have stuff!!

Tonight, we prepared our dinner outside our room and found a picnic table with a view of the St. Lawrence.

Tomorrow, we will see what our next accommodation brings.

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