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Day 72: Shediac to North Rustico, PE 10 km - Where is the sign?

It is always exciting to cross into another province. Part of our ritual is to take a photo of ourselves at the entrance to the province. Every province so far has had a nice sign for us to capture the moment. We had to get creative in PEI.

As we sit in our motel tonight, we are grateful to Monique and (Blue) Barry for hosting us in Shediac these past two nights. We went from Lobster to leftovers.

Monique crossed Canada with Nynka in 2005. It was lovely to spend time with a fellow cyclist who understands our journey.

We had the pleasure of seeing her current art exhibit.

Rest assured, we know we do not have to go through PEI to get to Newfoundland and we know it will be hilly here, but we are happy to be here...welcome sign or not.

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