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Full Time Cyclists

Colorful Boat Ride

Kathy Manners

What little girl does not dream of riding across Canada on a pink bike? As both a dreamer and a doer, I guess it is time to do both.


I am excited to join my cycling sisters on this adventure. We have travelled together many miles by bike before, but this adventure is certainly the most epic. I might be slow up the hills but I am quick with wit.


I am grateful to my family (Chuck, Katie and Andrew) for supporting. me and allowing me this time to challenge myself. Seems crazy to be trying this at my age (not a little girl anymore).  

When not cycling, I help to make the world a little bit better by working on Social Innovation projects. Driven to change the way we change the world.

Colorful Boat Ride

Nynka Greer

While my co-adventurers call me their “fearless leader”, I like to think of myself as an enabler. Little did I realize, though, as a result of being seated next to Jane Sorensen at the 2012 Sir John A. Macdonald dinner, I would in the future be enabling her to fulfil a long-held dream – to cross Canada by bicycle! She was keen to chat with me because I had completed the journey in 2005; now in 2018 I am excited to do it again, but since this time I will be both a cyclist and driver I am much more relaxed about the event. I look forward to supporting my “dreamer and doer” friend Kathy Manners, to spending time with my oft-time partner in adventures, Heather Adams, and to learning life lessons from Susan Clarke when she joins us. I am in awe of all these women and the things they dream and accomplish.


When not pedal-pushing, I keep busy singing in the choir at St. James’, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing in winter, enjoying my two young grandchildren, and generally keeping out of mischief (but not too much). I retired from Hehn Trickey as a staff accountant a year-and-a-half ago, but still enjoy keeping my hand in the business at tax time.

Colorful Boat Ride

Jane Sorensen

The love of cycling started not so long ago. My partner Stanley Sharman suggested we go for a short ride. After riding 8 km on my old bike I thought I had traveled a great distance... Who would of thought I would travel across Canada? After a number of destination riding adventures I was hooked. After chatting with Nynka in 2012, riding across Canada was put on my bucket list. 

2018... The Time is Now. I feel so honoured to be part of this inspirational group of women from Orillia to travel this great country of ours.

Mother of four incredible individuals (Tarah, Cameron, Brennan and Darron) of who I am so very proud. I have learned so much. Thank you for cheering me on. It will help when I am climbing those mountains.

I am a great believer in giving back because I have been so incredibly lucky in my life. I have been a key player in a number of Capital Fundraising Projects in Orillia and I am currently a member of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee for the City of Orillia.

Support and Gear (SAG) Wagon Drivers and P/T Cyclists

Colorful Boat Ride

Heather Adams

Nynka introduced me to the biking group quite a few years ago. I had bicycled to work before retiring. On this trip I will be the main driver for the support vehicle, bicycling about two hours a day. I will drive from Vancouver to Northern Ontario.


Other activities include keeping the financial records for the Simcoe North Green Party,  VON SMART exercise program volunteer in the Villages of Leacock Point, and sharing the housework with husband Alec - he does the cooking.  

Colorful Boat Ride

Susan Clarke

I consider myself a baby boomer, born in Montreal where I grew up in the days of Rock and Roll. Now, after retiring from a career in Social Services I have time for my six grandchildren, and my many interests, which include skiing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, family, friends, volunteer activities, adventure travel and yoga.

My curiosity and my love of the outdoors have led me to test my endurance on a few half marathons, lengthy paddle trips, and week-long cycling expeditions exploring Ontario and Quebec.

Fulfilling another dream and personal challenge I recently completed my first long distance hike: the 155 km West Highland Way in Scotland.

This summer, inspired by my cycling buddies, “the cycomasters”, I am very honoured and excited to be taking part in this cross-Canada adventure, as a driver, a cycler, a cheer leader and a yoga teacher all the way from northern Ontario to their final destination, St. John’s Newfoundland, “The Rock”.

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