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About Our Bikes

Thanks to Hugh Black and the guys at True North for making our beautiful custom bikes

Colorful Boat Ride

Pink FLYmingo

While not flying all the time, my Pink FLYmingo does help get me up the hills.

Her steel frame makes her ideal for long rides. She has a Rohloff gearing system which drives more like an automatic than standard for easy shifting. She fits well and make long distances seem shorter.

Built for comfort and her good looks, every nine year old girl is envious of this princess bike. 

Colorful Boat Ride


My little "draggin' fly", because she really did drag at first due to a mechanical issue, is rapidly growing into the name I have given her, "Dragonfly". She is equally happy on the smooth paved trail as she is on gravel and mountain bike trails, though her rider definitely prefers the smooth roads. She's made of tough steel, uses a belt rather than a chain so she doesn't mind a bit of dirt, has disc brakes so my arthritic hands can stop her more easily, and uses the Rohloff gear system, which makes climbing hills easier, though slower - again, that could be the rider, not the bike. She's ready to take me anywhere I have the stamina and desire to go!

Colorful Boat Ride


Stev-e is the name I have given to my beautiful new bike. Named for its striking resemblance to the colour of a recently discovered new type of Northern Lights: Stev-e (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity- Enhancement). She is strong and stable and I couldn't ask for a better partner to help me cross this beautiful country called Canada and I call home.

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