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Day 5: Mission to Hope 84 km - Heading into the Mountains

It is not about the destination, it is what you do on the journey and today was a busy day.

With a morning decision to detour to Harrison Hot Springs, we were off. Before arriving there, we stopped at Eagles Cafe for a drink and some local advice.

"We have lots of bears and cougars, plus the upcoming hill has a 11% grade...I better give you a hug" Sue

After both hot springs and cold mountain lake swims, we decided to keep riding as the scenery was too amazing to miss.

Along the way, we met up with Archie. He was selling his art at the Esso on Hwy 7.

"Heart, body, mind and spirit make up all the parts of you, keep them connected always in everything you say and do" Archie Sam

Arrived in Hope without seeing bears or cougars but met some great locals and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

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