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Day 20: Drumheller to Hanna, AB 86 km - How a cyclist thinks

After climbing for 40 km, it is amazing how your mindset changes when you have a good 5 km downhill...sure we can ride on to Hanna, another 40 km +!

Thinking we were going to have a long but easy flat ride today, we learned the hard way about the Handhills (as opposed to the Foothills). We did a record climb of 643 metres. Apparently, the Handhills are the highest elevation between the Rockies and Hudson Bay. It was good we did not know that going into the day.

With temperatures over 33 degree C today, we were able to finish the ride with a tip from "the man from the office", as the Delia locals called him, that the best ice cream was in Hanna.

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