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Day 22: Kindersley, SK 64 km - A GREAT day

Today, we experienced a few of rural Saskatchewan's greats.

We started the morning with a ride to the Great Wall of Saskatchewan. Who knew that Saskatchewan had a great wall? In 1962, Albert Johnson started taking stones from his field and building a wall. It ended up being over 1 km long. As the stones were transported to the wall they were placed so that the wall would support itself without the use of cement or mortar. The outer layer stones are specially shaped stones that have been tapered inward in order to prevent the wall from moving. The wall was finished in 1991 when Albert's wife said "enough".

We then headed to the small village of Coleville, population 305. We were pleased to see a great celebration was happening at the Post Office. We stopped in for cake and a chat with the locals, then on to the pub for a drink and french fries with some more locals.

With wind in our backs, we sailed down the highway...until the Flat Tire.

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