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Day 23: Kindersley to Herschel, SK 56 km - Pedaling to see the Petroglyphs

When we started planning this trip, we set one of our guiding principles to be "don't go in a straight line, if we are going to miss something amazing". After a good morning ride, we headed to Herschel, SK to Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre, an old-fashioned museum full of taxidermy animals and wonderful indigenous art by Jo Cooper.

The site’s most prominent features are three boulders with precontact carvings (petroglyphs) of grooves, cup-shaped depressions and bisected circles.

The archaeological site illustrates the

practical techniques of bison hunting.

The site is also valued as a place of spiritual significance and a source of pride for contemporary First Nations. It is an expression of cultural identity and a place where Elders can transmit traditional knowledge to younger generations.

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