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Day 51: Cochrane to Kirkland Lake, ON 110 km - Our gratitude list for Heather

Today was our last day with Heather. We are grateful for this time with her and for all she did to keep us organized. She is one of the most organized people we know. Heather loves lists so we have made up a list of our own of what we love about her.

Our List

*Thanks for labeling our bungie cords so we could put our bike in the trailer faster...or did we?

*Thanks for the grocery list that you thought we followed, but never did

*Thanks for eating all the food that no one else would eat to ensure we were not wasteful.

*Thanks for all the containers and bags you collected and we failed to use

*Thanks for the secret code for the lock. Kathy continues to rebel against this

*Thanks for the best bison video

*Thanks for knowing exactly how far you wanted to ride each day

*Thanks for timing everything exactly to when you needed to meet us, even though reorganizing the trailer that you just organized the day before invariably took longer than anticipated, and meant you would be late

*Most of all, thanks for lists

"Oh great, Heather put sugar and water in her food". This was the sentence she and Jane made up to help her remember her bike equipment (odometer, gloves, helmet, phone, shoes, water, food). Of course when she needed things like sunscreen, what was she to do? For such an organized person, she certainly took the longest to get ready.

What will we do about one-hour lunches, who gets a banana or what's in the cooler?

Top of the list: we will miss you.

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